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  • Welcome to my personal information page. I just wanted to give you an opportunity to get to know me on a more personal level before we begin a relationship which I will learn a lot about you too. Many times I will know more about you than you already know but first I need your permission to do that. Now for me.  I knew even as a child about the age of ten I felt something was missing in my life. I thought I had a twin and even told my mother. Of course I wanted to see my baby book as well because I felt adopted. In the fifties who would expect a ten-year old child to say such a thing? Well I did. I saw the book but remained dissatisfied not knowing my twin. In recent years I learned what was missing was my Twin Flame. My Soul mate. Now to the good part. At age nineteen, I started placing my hands on people’s faces to “read” them. I did not know even what to call it back then except I would know instantly so much about the person’s character and their likes and dislikes including their desires. I began going into a trance like state by the time I was twenty but with no one to explain what was happening to me or guide me, I was given missinformation that stifled my spiritual communication gifts for almost thirty years. Because everyone thought me the Rebel of the family I pretty much became a loner for fear, yes fear of being mocked for who and what I was. But God had other plans for me and with all that was held back in me for so long when the floodgates reopened it was like a raging unstoppable storm. I had already accepted the gift of sight(I will elaborate later) and I felt vibrations, heat, cold, sickness and much more which was honestly a bit scary. My long time friend informed me that I had become a Medical Intuitive. Wow, what the heck was that? I have been called many names before but at least I knew what rhey meant. So NOW at age 50 I have to read what I am? Life has NOT been dull in finding my purpose but I never got to do so much I thought I wanted to do. Note I said thought. I am happiest when I am doing what I do Best and helping others find answers to questions sometimes they do not even know how to ask. Moving along to a holistic show in New Jersey by the best earthly teacher I have ever met during a very sliw time, I was simply instructed to sit under a copper pyramid with a clear crystal hanging over my head.Now before I go any farther I became a Born Again Christian at age 33 so all this strange unknown supposedly tabu stuff was surrounding me and I did not want to be contaminated or seduced by some brain altering evil entity. Very leary and reluctently I sat here really to be neighborly with my guard up real high as I asked what to do and he just said, “just sit quietly”, which is what I did for only about seven minutes when my forehead(third eye) area  began to hurt and did not stop for days. Now was I posessed? Richard smiled when I told him about my head and then asked me to tell me what ailments his wife, not present, had. I told I could not do that. He instructed once again to try. To my utter amazement I spouted off about four things in her body. He smiled and said very good. So with my new found gift I proceeded to touch many many lives and bodies. I do not even have to have you present to receive that information. For that matter everything I am gifted to do can be done over the phone. Even healing can be done using my hands sometimes on another person for you with permission from all bodies involved. Not verbal but from the body itself. Or I can have the absent person use their own hands. I am an Em-path and know and feel what you are feeling physically, spiritually and emotionally. I am Clairaudient and hear what you cannot hear and Clairsentient and Clairvoyant. I can trace back through your family lines to discover how and when fears began so I can begin to unblock them. I can hold a book and understand what is inside. That saves a lot of reading time for sure. I can hold objects to learn stored memories, history and more. Each day I wake up I never know what more has been added to my abilities. Automatic Writing was given me about forty years ago and is a precious gift to me and I love  to see the faces who have smiled, stared in awe or cried at the information given to me as a personal message in the form of poetry from the creator. I do not know what the message is until I reread it. Many times on a scrap of paper or napkin in a restaurant are the only available papers to write on so I just grab what is closest. I do not think I ever had to put one on an arm yet. Well there you have it so far. But please check back and see what new comes along. Keep in mind that all information that is given to me, you have the ability to change the outcome for better results for yourself alone. I am able to do AK(muscle testing) for you without even touching to see if you have allergies or sensitivities to medications or foids and also what will best go in combinations. With saying that, a reading is given in Truth. I do not hold back what is given. If you want to be misled or deceived by not getting information that could potentially help you or even save your life then do not come to me. I have left jobs because they wanted me to candy-coat a reading to keep people happy. To me the Truth is the only insight I need to be happy for in it we find LOVE. I see nothing as bad or negative. It is all about possibilities. Be Blessed in all you do and in all the choices you make. Nameste’



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