Automatic Writing=Celestial Etchings

So much running around inside my head. Like Toby on The Listener… No I cannot read your mind but I can channel information directed for and towards you. Since a child I loved to write. I never thought where it was coming from, I just did it. Most of the time though it was just in my head. It seems it went so fast that is would have come out in a jumbled mess as I was so young. But as I got older, the jumbled mess was smoothed out and I still find so many poems I wrote years ago. They are strewn throughout booklets, and notepads or even just papers later folded and tucked away. I am amazed at some of what was written and most has never been read by anyone else. Some have read some of my work and have always said why don’t you collect them all and publish them? Well you know what, I think I just might do that. I belong to a writer’s group but have been just so busy I have not had time to go. Well on to more information on what to and how to channel AW.

For many the best thing to do is get a few small notebooks and sharpen those pencils or have pens everywhere as they dry out. Carry a small notebook in your pocketbook or have a pad along. The most important thing is to hear, guess what? You have to listen. Oh come on Tiff, we all know that! Well then why are you here wondering how to get started? Make time if you can preferably pretty much the same time each day to spend 5-30 minutes in meditation. Do not have any expectations. Do not expect miraculous grandiosity. The main thing here is just to clear the conscious mind to …if you will allow it to silence and doze while the subconscious surfaces. It is only in the meditative state you begin to process and stimulate the spiritual mind. Let the worries of the day just drift away. If you find it difficult to start, just put up your right hand above your heart and left down. Breathing to these counts. 6 in the nose, 7 hold, and 8 out the mouth just seeping out. This done 3-4 times will definitely get you pointed in the right direction. While doing this allow the mind to sense a simple sense of comfort and well-being basking in a sea of light green or teal or if you want to be really creative seep into the violet stages.  As you feel your body becoming those colors, you intently begin to drift. You may need a subtle background music or water running sound or some prefer silence. I love silence mostly. As you drift, there are only fleeting thoughts. Do not focus on anything or anyone. You will know when you have reached the state you want and also how long you want to stay there. When the time is up and you float back to consciousness, Pick up your writing paper and writing tool and just start writing. It might even say I have no idea what to write but I will do it and see what happens. As you write do not allow yourself to stop to think how to spell something or even what you are writing and especially not how neat it is. When you are done close the notebook and put down the pen. Do not read it. Hold the notebook and close your eyes and allow what was written to be absorbed. Either a later time in an hour or so or 12 hours or even the next day read if you need to but better if you do not. The temptation is there to evaluate and judge what you wrote. Critique, correct spelling etc. It is the message you look to see, not anything else. when you can read it without judgement, then open and read it. Read it again and again after you ask that the message touch you. This is the beginning. And with that note, it is time gor me to depart. So for now…………… happy writing.


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    Ok day two and hope now you have decided to try out keeping a journal with you and or next to your bed. Many a time you will wake up as some say in the middle of a dream.. lol well we dream while we are waking up but we communicate while we are asleep. So choose which one you want to experience. As of late I have spoken to many who want to understand what their dreams are about and the messages they are receiving. Again they are two different things. Messages are channeled either while asleep or awake. Mine come both ways but I have not mastered the writing in my sleep yet. lol. You will be able to tell if you are going to have a spirit filled dream state with lots of information to absorb by what your day plays out to be. Do you seem to be scatter-brained, dropping things, bumping into things and generally all over the place? Not being able to focus on things at hand is a real indicator that you will have wonderful messages coming through soon. To understand this simply, our vibrations are rising to new levels and what is going on in the physical body is not important to the Spiritual one. What is physical and temporal and easily forgotten is unimportant. So holding on to it while trying to receive communication on the metaphysical level is not so easy. So just let go… Yes let go. Nothing here is that important that you cannot just Let Go! With that said, Now get ready for day or night two and have those pencils or pens ready. If you prefer to be awake. Start from the beginning to achieve the necessary state first. Happy Writing…………………..


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